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Ringier Digital Ventures invests in Swiss digital health start-up Baze

Ringier Digital Ventures invests in Swiss digital health start-up Baze

Baze, a start-up company based in Zurich, is a digital platform for personalised nutrition. On the basis of a simple and pain-free blood test that can be conducted at home, its algorithms calculate potential nutrient deficits and recommend suitable supplements. Users can receive their individual values via the app, as well as a personalised recommendation of supplementary nutrient products that are conveniently delivered to the customer’s home in the optimal doses. In future, the company will also offer personalised nutrition and lifestyle tips.

The blood test, which is based on mass spectrometry and was developed as part of an InnoSuisse project together with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, only requires four drops of blood. Another one of Baze’s USPs is its patented nutrient feedback loop; the algorithms learn on the basis of the individual nutrient intake of each individual customer.

Baze was founded by Philipp Schulte, Dr Isam Haddad, Markus Okumus and Jan Vichr, and has been active in the US market since 2018. It plans to enter the Swiss market in the fourth quarter of 2018.

«The trend towards personalisation is also becoming increasingly important in the field of nutrition. The team has managed to optimally combine customers’ goals with real measurement data. Customers are also impressed by the product’s usability», says David Hug, Managing Director Ringier Digital Ventures, of the investment.

«With their entrepreneurial spirit, strong network and excellent media collaborations, Ringier Digital Ventures is a wonderful partner, especially as we are about the enter the Swiss market», says Philipp Schulte, CEO of Baze, about Ringier Digital Ventures’ investment.

Baze will use the new capital to further develop the product and expand into additional markets.


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