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Unica is a monthly glossy magazine dedicated to strong women who want to succeed both in their career and their personal life. Unica is a good adviser for its readers, since its editorial team include their own personal experience in everything they publish.

Unica was launched in December 1997.

Unica has a well-defined structure, constantly adapts to its readers' requirements and is divided into four editorial sections:

1. People & Career

This includes articles about talented young people (in the Profiles section), articles about successful Romanians who have built a career abroad (in the Diaspora section) and advice and tips from successful businesswomen.

2. Fashion & Beauty

This section contains fashion and beauty news, practical advice about how to wear the most recent catwalk trends, tips on how to find the most affordable and stylish clothes, as well as style lessons for fashion enthusiasts and trend-setters. The fashion and beauty section also includes celebrity pictorials.

3. Lifestyle

Health and diet, psychology, sex and relationships, cooking, travel.

4. Free time

Books, films, theatre, music, horoscope, artist of the month (with a special theme for Unica).